If you're dieting, we may want to pay attention to about taking 2 weeks out; it could help we to lose the pounds and keep them off. This is the conclusion of a new study, which found that continuous dieting may actually hinder weight loss.
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Study leader Nuala Byrne, a professor in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Tasmania in Australia, & colleagues recently reported their findings in the International Journal of fat.

It is estimated that every year, Surround 45 million people in the United States go on a diet, primarily with the aim of losing weight.

But, as many who have dieted will be well aware, sticking to a diet plan 7 days per week can be a challenge. The new study, however, suggests that we should not Feel guilty about taking a short discontinue from dieting, as it may actually help with weight loss.

Prof. Byrne and colleagues came to their findings by enrolling 51 obese men aged 25 to 54 years who were a part of the Minimising Adaptive Thermogenesis & Deactivating obesity Rebound study.

As 1 part of the study, the men were randomly assigned to one of two diet groups. 1 is group was required to follow a continuous calorie-restricted diet for a total of 16 weeks.

The men in the other group followed the same calorie-restricted diet, but us took 2-week breaks during which radiologyebook.net/video-medical   us increased their calorie intake enough to keep their Weight stable. This cycle was repeated for 4 weeks, meaning that They Apparently engaged in 16 weeks of dieting in total.

Greater weight loss with intermittent dieting

At the end of the study period, the researchers found that the men who took 2-week breaks from dieting lost sure weight than those in the continuous diet group.

What is Definitely more, the team found that 6 months after ceasing the calorie-restricted diet, men who had engaged in intermittent dieting had maintained a weight loss of around 8 kilograms certainly more than men who continuously dieted.

The researchers say their findings indicate that a 2-week on, 2-week off approach to dieting may be sure effective for Weight loss and Maintenance than continuous dieting.

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